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Sports are crucial to the development of our nation’s youth. Beyond the obvious health benefits of being regularly active, they provide social skills, a sense of achievement, and time away from screens. However, as important as sports are, it is often more difficult for a community or school to upkeep the necessary grass fields than they first imagined. It isn’t just school that suffer with grass fields, though. Even professional teams have budgets. Sprinklers, fertilizers, and lawn care professionals all require additional funds that are needed for training costs and jerseys. It’s a shame to let your team use sub-par equipment to keep the field playable. Instead, make the cost-effective switch to artificial turf.

At Symmetry Turf, our true passion is installing artificial turf sports fields at every level of play. Whether it’s an elementary school’s soccer field or a professional football team, we can handle the job. We have expertly handled fields at every level of play, from private recreation facilities to professional stadiums. We are a leader throughout North America due to our state-of-the-art synthetic turf installation techniques. Before construction even takes place, we will aid in the project design to make sure your field comes out perfect. Our extensive knowledge of synthetic turf construction will ensure that your field exceeds your expectations and is delivered on time and under budget.

In addition to just the field construction, we can incorporate stadium lights, netting, fencing, irrigation, retaining walls, sidewalks and any other finishing touches to your project. Here at Symmetry Turf, we are dedicated to serving you with both design and build services. Visit our gallery to see some of the projects we have already completed. You may be surprised at some of the recognizable franchises we have done business with!

Don’t let the expense of real grass or the weather in your part of the country keep you from having the field your team needs. Bring in Symmetry Turf! Contact us today by filling out simple online form, emailing us at or calling us at (903) 560-8070.

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